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Real Bootcamp Training for Men and Women in Marin County and The Bay Area, Since 1990

"You Can Do This..."

– Instructor Jim DiRuscio

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Hit The Hill has the greatest views of any gym in the world. Thanks to Veit Irtenkauf for the panaramic photos.

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Hit The Hill Marin Boot Camp

Hit The Hill Marin and Bay Area Bootcamp is a nationally-recognized outdoor fitness program described by CNN News and the San Francisco Chronicle as being the most complete fitness program in the country. Each class is like an athletic team event performed in the natural beauty of Marin County and based upon a system of usable strength and stamina that accommodates different levels of ability. Each participant is evaluated and issued custom-made equipment according to age and fitness level. Men and women all thrive, converting unwanted pounds into self-esteem and physical competence under the passionate tutelage of fitness expert, Jim DiRuscio.


Hit The Hill Group Events

Corporate and Group Fitness Programs

Be sure to check-out Hit The Hill group and corporate event programs. The essence of genuine boot camp training is team-building through rigorous challenges in a natural environment. I will teach your people the reality of interdependence and the value of working together to achieve what they otherwise could not.


My most consistent group, and I quit being surprised by their abilities a long time ago. Women can do anything men can do. Period.


If your time is limited or you would like to start with just a taste of the boot camp experience, my shorter sessions may be for you.


Been there, done that with other work-outs? Tired of jogging around town? Hit The Hill and find out what you're really made of.


I can accomodate athletes, celebrities and others who have special abilities or privacy concerns and require one-on-one training.


This mobile weight room sets-up in amazing SF park and beach locations. For walk-up work outs with expert advice, check with me about the truck scheduling.


Combining weight-training with hill-climbing cardio work is truly the ultimate in fitness today. Talk to me about how my mobile weight gym makes this happen for you.


Real boot camp is the ultimate team-builder, and Hit The Hill is real boot camp. Give me your people for one day, and I'll give you back the team you want them to be.


Is the focus of your life health & fitness? Me, too. Hit The Hill with me, and I'll show you strength and conditioning that  elevates you to a next level of competitiveness.



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