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– Instructor Jim DiRuscio

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The essence of genuine boot camp training is team-building through rigorous challenges in a natural, outdoor environment. I will teach your people the reality of interdependence and the value of working together to achieve what they otherwise could not.

Putting at advanced boot camp group through their paces on a Marin beach at zero-dark.

Advanced Hit The Hill training is for you if you're already in shape, you've already done significant weight and cardio work, and you're looking for something new to shock your muscles and to put a finer edge on what you've already achieved in personal conditioning.

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Advanced Training

Hit The Hill advanced is as close as you can get to real boot camp training without enlisting.

 “Had it with cross-training around town? Want a real challenge and real reward? Try Hit The Hill advanced.”


I can show you things you have not seen and teach you things you have not learned. Ideal for college and professional athletes who need to remain sharp in their off-seasons or may be training for events.

Team members will develop mutual support, helping and encouraging each other, then ultimately realizing what the team is actually capable of.

In this area, I also expect to see people who are preparing for other programs, such as used in police or SWAT training.

Hit The Hill advanced would also be ideal for military recruits before beginning true, military boot camp. Imagine beginning a SWAT training program or Marine boot camp already in the same condition as other recruits who are finishing theirs!

Advanced strength training.
Private training on the beach.
Advanced training on the hill.


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