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The essence of genuine boot camp training is team-building through rigorous challenges in a natural, outdoor environment. I will teach your people the reality of interdependence and the value of working together to achieve what they otherwise could not.

Pace, Path and Weightload. By adjusting these, I accommodate any reasonable fitness level, AND I train you at your individual rate of progress. You're not overwhelmed, and you don't plateau too early. Everything happens within the team dynamic, because members of the same team can be working at different levels of intensity.

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Basic Training

When I google "boot camp", I see photos of people in a room with a mat and a rubber ball. They're missing out on so much.


 “Real boot camp training is a miracle of fitness that happens in a natural environment. There's nothing like it.”

A true boot camp experience teaches you that any good team is better than the sum of its parts. Something happens to people when they come together as a team that improves who they are as individuals. This is the heart of the Hit The Hill program, and it's what your group will take away from their big event day.

Team members will develop mutual support, helping and encouraging each other, then ultimately realizing what the team is actually capable of.

For me, Hit The Hill is about passing along my knowledge and my passion in ways that can be life-altering, so it's essential to be able to accommodate people from all walks of life. You can do this!

Spent too much time at a desk? Hit The Hill is for you. Serious athlete keeping sharp in the off-season? I can train you. New mother trying to get your figure back? New bride with a wedding date (& wedding dress) in mind? I have a program for you.


Basic team beach training.
Basic team hill training.
A unique set of calisthentics.

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