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"You Can Do This..."

– Instructor Jim DiRuscio

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Hit The Hill Mobile Gym

 “Get out of the weight room!

It's beautiful out here...”

This mobile weight room cost close to $150,000 to custom develop, and you get free use of it when you join a HitTheHill program. I set-up twice a week at beautiful beach locations, Crissy Field, Rodeo Beach, Baker beach, and as a Hit The Hill team member, all you have to do is show up.

I offer a class and personal instruction, and you can use the beach weight room even if you're not in Hit The Hill.


True to my airborne roots, the Hit The Hill beach gym is mobile. I can come to you, your company or your event. Call me at 415-897-9287 to find out about private use!

Setting up the boot camp weight truck at Crissy Field in San Francisco.

I set-up at various locations around San Francisco for walk-up training. Call me for my schedule.


Hit The Hill Marin boot camp logo.


(415) 897-9287



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